She Got It Bad for a Heartless Gangsta 4 by Shvonne Latrice

She Got It Bad for a Heartless Gangsta 4 by Shvonne LatriceShe Got It Bad for a Heartless Gangsta 4 by Shvonne Latrice
Series: She Got It Bad for a Heartless Gangsta #4
Published by Leo Sullivan Presents on October 27, 2017
Pages: 365 pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Kindle Unlimited

In the final installment, Ricky must deal with the mind blowing news his grandmother has just revealed to him. Feeling like he's all alone in being betrayed by people who were expected to be loyal to him, Ricky soon realizes that the person who can understand his situation completely has been right by his side all along. Draylah too has her own troubles to face, the main one dealing with someone she thought she'd lost but has been able to reunite with. However, there is a big block in her road to bliss, and Draylah is beyond ready to take it out. Will the couple be able to continue to keep that undying flame of love burning, despite their hefty issues? Or will things finally be too much for the troubled beauty and her heartless gangsta?

Also back for the final round are the other couples who are no strangers to difficulties and betrayal. With one couple seeking the ultimate revenge on those they feel have wronged them, another coming to an unfortunate and unforeseeable end, and the last finally realizing just what they have in one another, these unions will surely be tested one last time.

Seeing as this is my second, or third, time reading She Got It Bad for a Heartless Gangsta 4 by Shvonne Latrice I decided to place my focus elsewhere this time around. I focused more on Draylah and Ricky, and Bia and Kito simply because I felt that I didn’t give them enough of my attention with all of Qamar’s craziness.

With that being said though, I was able to FINALLY glean what Qamar’s purpose, in my opinion, was. After interacting with the author after each release for this series and seeing her own distaste for Qamar’s character I think I’m able to understanding Latrice’s genius behind the construction of his character. He was purposed to constantly make the other characters appear normal, sane, and well put together, especially RickyAK.

With all the craziness that has gone on in this series so far I’m glad the author chose to focus more on the closure of both Draylah and Ricky’s backgrounds. For Draylah it was getting custody of the her little girl who was stolen from her, and for Ricky it was avenging his mother’s death. The same could also be said for Bia and Kito’s storyline seeing as Bia was finally closing the chapter that she started in the first installment and starting fresh with Kito who also had a dangerous past but was living differently because of it.

The crazy thing about the entirety of the She Got It Bad for a Heartless Gangsta series has been the growth/maturity of Ricky’s character. The fact that his character has essentially stayed the same, but you can sense the maturity of his character really places him high on my favorite book bae list.

It’s awesome that the author chose to create a Christmas story continuation for this series because I truly wasn’t ready to say goodbye to everyone at the end of She Got It Bad for a Heartless Gangsta 4. In the moments when I’m extra petty I get to thinking that Mischief and co. deserve a Christmas story as well but sadly that’s not going to happen, *cries internally*.

My Baby Is a West Coast King by Shvonne Latrice

My Baby Is a West Coast King by Shvonne LatriceMy Baby Is a West Coast King by Shvonne Latrice
Series: My Baby Is A West Coast King #1
Published by Leo Sullivan Presents on January 1, 2017
Pages: 327 pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Purchased

Laine Loren is an aspiring model, hoping to somehow make it out of South Side, Chicago, and away from her predator uncle and cheating boyfriend Tarik. When she gets the chance to move away to Los Angeles, she hops on it and doesn't look back. Laine's plans to focus only on her career and nothing else, are suddenly thrown to the wind when she meets the dangerous and unbalanced Mischief.

Mischief, a music producing banger from Compton, only cares about three things; music, his money, and his brothers. Having to be raised by his aunt, because he was born to unfit parents, he's callous, rude, frank, and downright out of his mind. Upon meeting Laine, Mischief finds himself interested in the tough beauty, while trying to still maintain the life he has lived from day one.

With secrets, lies, and betrayal laced through each page, this budding love story between the Chicago beauty and the Compton terrorizer is sure to keep you on your toes.

There aren’t many Urban Fiction stories that leave me feeling some type of way, but My Baby Is A West Coast King and its sequels really set the standard for what I’m now going to be looking for from this genre. I’ve told y’all time and time again that I really love me a crazy and/or unconventional alpha male hero/character, so for Mischief to encompass all that and then some automatically sold me on this story; it didn’t hurt that Lanie matched his crazy either lol.

I seriously want to marry My Baby Is a West Coast King because it had everything I love in my romance. Mischief really is unlike any hero I’ve read before, he’s simple yet complex, if that makes sense. With that combination and the fact that Shvonne Latrice created a heroine that was his perfect half made me fall in love with this story even more. Laine was the perfect partner for Shai, aka Mischief, because they were both completely unhinged and each found their other half in each other with no lack.

Shai was definitely that man that you can’t help but love and at the same time make you question your sanity as to why. I can’t really explain the intricacies of his character because you really have to read My Baby Is A West Coast King to understand even the small percentage that I’m trying to express within this review. He’s not certifiable but you constantly think that he should be because of how he maneuvers.

The only issue I had with this story, and it doesn’t reflect on the overall experience of My Baby Is A West Coast King, were the lesbian sex scenes. Call me a prude or whatever but these type of scenes just don’t float my boat, and if these scenes aren’t your cup of tea skip over them like I did. Regardless of those particular scenes, the characters that were opposed to everything that was Mischief and Lanie & co., were about held no reservations about causing chaos. They were seriously bold and a little unhinged for the shenannigans they got up to, as well as the craziness they inflicted on the main characters.

My Baby Is A West Coast King was so good and an instant favorite that I binged the remaining books in this series within a day!