Rating System

5 stars

  • The book was beyond my expectations
  • I couldn’t put it down, it was perfect in every way that mattered to me
  • LOVED the book
  • It was highly entertaining
  • I would strongly recommend it
  • It was a great read

4 1/2 and 4 stars

  • Really liked the book
  • It had a good amount of entertaining qualities
  • I would recommend only based off said areas of the book
  • Didn’t blow me away

3 1/2 and 3 stars

  • It was an enjoyable read
  • Not really my cup of tea, so it was hard for me to connect to it
  • I didn’t completely like it, nor did I completely hate it

2 1/2 and 2 stars

  • Didn’t do it for me
  • It possibly had too many holes in the storyline
  • Not enough character development
  • Needs some work

1 1/2 and 1 star

  • Story is all over the place, has nothing to anchor reader to 
  • Everything about the storyline and characters needed to be reevaluated
  • Would not recommend it, and probably won’t read anything else by this author


  • Self-explanatory
  • Either the heroine and/or hero was pissing me off
  • Story was all over the place and hard to follow

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