Undefeated by Scott Hildreth

Undefeated by Scott HildrethUndefeated by Scott Hildreth
on January 1, 2014
Source: Kindle Unlimited

Kace Meadows lives in Austin, Texas. Now 26, she has been in an abusive relationship since she was sixteen years old. As abusive as it is, she can’t seem to find a way to allow herself to end it. With her abusive boyfriend, she can’t seem to win.
Shane Dekkar is an unknown, undefeated, and somewhat shy boxer from Compton California. After the death of his grandfather, he moves to Austin and meets Kace by happenstance as she and her boyfriend are in an argument in public. He is drawn to her, and she to him.
When he meets her again two years later, he begins to believe in fate. But, as he prepares for a potential shot at a championship fight, there’s not time in his life or career for a woman.
Shane fights his inner demons by using his fists. On the street or in the ring, Shane does what he does best, he wins at any cost. Unlike Kace, Shane can’t seem to lose.
Undefeated is an extremely romantic erotica novel about fighting. Fighting for what you believe in. Fighting for life. Fighting to live.
And fighting to find love in the most unlikely places.
Be prepared to be moved, touched, stand up and cheer, and cry your eyes out. This book will, without a doubt, knock you unconscious.

Taking the time after reading a book and before writing its review (if that’s something I choose to do) was something I rarely did, I liked to get my thoughts and emotions down as soon as the book in question hit that 100% mark or ran out of pages to turn, but for Undefeated I had to make the exception. The only reason I can come up with for ‘why’ is because I felt that I didn’t really read Undefeated but instead experienced it, I needed to go back and reflect on the thoughts and reactions I had as I tapped my kindle to turn each page. With that time taken, I can in all honesty say that other than the lengthy descriptions of certain scenes and a certain character’s thoughts, Undefeated made me swoon and melt, Hildreth knows how to spin a romance which further proves why he’s the only male romance author I read.

The only reason I chose to pick up Undefeated now instead of waiting until I finished the Selected Sinners MC series all falls on the insatiable desire to know more about Dekker and Ripp who I had read about in Hildreth’s standalone Brawler. As of right now I’m not sure if this was a great choice on my part since instead of satisfying this craving to learn more about these two characters I’m now beating back the urges to binge this series and do a reread of Brawler. Hildreth has created a monster just like Kristen Ashley did when she unconsciously made me fall in love with Knight and few of her other alphas. It’s contagious y’all.

It’s no secret that I’m sometimes overly harsh towards heroines and sometimes heroes, but the reasons why I really wanted to not like Kace (pronounced Casey) just didn’t make sense to me so I had to give up the ghost and grudgingly admit that I liked her character. Hildreth, in some sixth sense type situation, seemed to have already known the judgements that would’ve been heaped upon Kace’s head so he killed that direction of thought at the very beginning of Undefeated. The wisdom, or truth, of the fact that it’s easy to sit back, whether you’ve been through what Kace went through yourself, and judge her, or someone else’s, actions because they didn’t respond or act as you would’ve was something that was reinforced for me since I was headed towards judging her for being weak. By providing and artistically crafting the inner thoughts and motivations behind Kace’s decision to stay with “Buster” made it hard not to take her as she came and respect her decisions, and to respect her. Her persistence to make the relationship she chose really did show her strength, and endeared me more to her character.

To shine the spotlight on the leading men in Undefeated I would have to admit some hussy tendencies since I ended up cheating on Shane in my mind with his best friend Ripp. I know, I know, shame on me, here’s my hand you can slap it if you want. The reality of it was, was that I loved me some Dekker, but if I had to swear on a stack of Bibles I would have to admit that if I had to choose between saving Dekker’s life or Ripp’s I would readily start planning Dekker’s funeral at the same time preparing for my wedding to Ripp.

From the words of my man:

I interrupted him before he finished, “Say one more God damned word without me asking you a question. One fucking more, just one. I’ll knock every tooth out of your mouth and wear ’em around my neck on a chain. Say something. Anything.”

“I don’t like you. People like you make me want to spend my life in prison for murdering them. The only thing preventing me from doing it is the fact that being in prison would keep me from finding another piece of shit like you and doing this all over again. Believe it or not, I enjoy this. The satisfaction I get from stopping you from abusing another woman is the same satisfaction most men get from fucking, multiplied by about ten. Remember, not a word unless I ask you,” I rolled my shoulders and popped my neck.

Now can you see why I’m head over heels for Mike Rippton?! I need ice and a fan cause it’s hot in here 🔥🔥!!

At the end of the day, though I clung to Ripp, Shane was his own brand of unique yumminess. He was the manifestation of the word ALPHA.

“Why you supposed he walks like that?” the manager asked as he watched the boxer walk away. “Because he can,” the trainer responded.

Just read it, that’s all I have left to say about Undefeated. Just read it.

About Scott Hildreth

Born In San Diego California, Scott now calls Wichita, Kansas home. Residing in Kansas with his wife, Jessica, and six children, he somehow finds twelve hours a day to work on his writing. A hybrid author who has published more than two-dozen romance and erotica novels, his three book series through Harlequin is due to start release with the first book in summer 2016.
Scott has spent his entire life pushing boundaries, and his writing is no exception. Addicted to riding his Harley-Davidson, tattoos, and drinking coffee, he can generally be found in a tattoo shop, on his Harley, or in a local coffee house when not writing.
Loyal to the fans and faithful followers who allowed him to make writing a full-time career, Scott communicates with his followers on Facebook almost daily. He encourages his readers to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Faded Off A Thug by Thai

Faded Off A Thug by ThaiFaded Off A Thug by Thai
on May 17, 2016
Source: Purchased

Do you believe in love at first sight? A connection so strong just from looking into someone’s eyes? Well, I do.
Meet Raeya, a beautiful young woman who has lived her life in accordance with the strict traditions of her parents and her culture. To them, she is a model daughter, excelling in school and on the fast track to the medical degree that they envision for her. However, attending college in Miami, miles away from her overbearing parents in New York allows her to discover her true self. Unwilling to disappoint her family, she lives a double life. But when the handsome and charismatic Kyler enters the picture, things quickly go from complicated to nearly impossible. She tries her hardest to resist this thug, but it’s something about him that she just can’t stay away from. Their instant connection is so strong that it has her feeling things that she’s never felt before.
What will happen in this tale of secrets, lust, and love? They say opposites attract, but will it prove to be a beautiful or bad thing?

Unlike the other stories I’ve read in the urban fiction genre that have centered around the lives of African Americans living in an urban setting, Faded Off A Thug featured an Indian American woman as its leading lady. Because of the unique and potentially (since I’m not an expert on the Muslim religion nor the culture of Indians – not Native Americans) authentic storyline it’s very clear that the author wanted to portray this character, who was definitely the heart of the story, as clearly and real as she could.

Faded Off A Thug was a multicultural story that showed the differences in the way that our heroine Raeya was raised and expected to live by her parents, and how her two best friends China and Simone were raised and the freedoms they had in comparison. Even while we were given the different storylines of Rae’s best friends and her fiancé’s life, the main story was all about Rae coming into her own outside of her culture and religion. With her finding out who it was she wants to be and what was she willing to do to become that person instead of living a double life and the stress that came with it, in some ways helped me to relate to her character more because we’re all striving to be something or do something greater.

While I enjoyed the premise of Faded Off A Thug, the execution of it was weak. The story started to go downhill for me when Rae was introduced to Kyler and he thought he could play her as he’s done other women he’s dealt with. From the very beginning the author did an amazing job of setting up all the great qualities of Rae’s character that really helped me become invested in the direction her life could go throughout the pages of this story. But, it pissed me off that Rae’s intelligence that was clearly seen was pushed to the side in order for Kyler to be seen as the big man on campus. I felt that certain situations were made to be played out and the strong qualities of Rae’s characters payed the price for it because Kyler’s character wasn’t strong enough to carry them on his own.

Kyler, our hero, was very wishy washy and always had a ready made excuse for his every action because he didn’t know how to communicate in a healthy way that didn’t put down Rae in the process. No matter how big on the streets or in the city of Miami Kyler was, his mentality was weak compared to Rae. He was so used to playing with females who were willing to say and do anything to become his leading lady that he couldn’t appreciate the woman that Rae was, nor the fact that she had her own mind and knew what she was willing to tolerate and what she wasn’t. Every time he couldn’t get what he wanted he had nasty words to say to her and once she didn’t beg his forgiveness immediately afterwards, as he was expecting, he would give some half assed apology and think that everything was okay.

In actuality, after I got tired of the rollercoaster of Rae and Kyler’s relationship I turned my attention to the pure and lovely relationship she had with her only male best friend and forced (that’s a story I don’t want to spoil for y’all) fiancé. While their story was a complicated one, it carried all the qualities that the relationship she had with Kyler should’ve had and more.

The ending of Faded Off A Thug was bittersweet because while Rae was finally free, in a sense, from Kyler she finally got the courage to face her parents, both her and her fiancé, and express to them how they wanted to live their lives away from their dictates. I actually wanted to clap for them, because of the solidity of their friendship and how no matter what their parents said they still had each others back. That’s what friends are for, and if Kyler didn’t have his head up his own butt he would’ve been sitting right next to Rae as she made that call comforting her through it.

All in all Faded Off A Thug held my attention to the very end, taught me some thangs, and had me wishing for more. I hated to see it end. I’m really interested to see what book 2 will have to offer because there are so many avenues that this series could take.

Hostage by Jamie Begley

Hostage by Jamie BegleyHostage by Jamie Begley
Published by Young Ink Press on May 21, 2016
Source: Purchased

The Enforcer’s Oath: Protect the club at all costs.
Jackal made an enemy out of Penni when he kidnapped her years ago. He let her go, never imagining she would take a piece of his soul with her. Now protecting Penni against a former brother will force him to place the club against her once again.
She may be the Hostage, but he’s the one held captive by the lust she refuses to admit binds them together.
She thinks The Last Riders and another man will be all the protection she needs to end the tug of war between them. However, he’s never lost a battle, especially against a tiny blonde with an attitude, begging him to teach her that her place is under him.
To end the battle, he’s going to have to reclaim the piece of soul she stole from him or claim a part of her soul as prisoner.
When a predator takes you hostage, you’re his forever.

Having read every MC romance story by Jamie Begley I didn’t have to think too hard about picking up Hostage when it went live on Amazon, especially since Jackal and Penni’s story has been long awaited. What I didn’t expect, once I finished Hostage, was being unable to know where it fit amongst all the other MC stories Begley has under her belt since they are all intertwined.

Other than Fat Louise (Jane’s story from the Biker Bitches series) I’ve never been this conflicted about a Begley story. Hostage wasn’t as bad as I though Fat Louise was, but I was disappointed in the true colors of Penni’s character.

In the previous books in the Predators MC, The Last Riders, Biker Bitches, and the VIP Rooms series, there wasn’t a lot revealed about the inner workings of Penni’s character, but from the things that I read and understood about her I grew to like. Reading about her in Hostage erased whatever progress I made towards liking her character, and it was just off her character alone that made me so ready to put Hostage down, almost indefinitely.

I felt with all the buildup we received on these two characters in the previous books and in the different series, that Begley told their story in the only way it could’ve happened. Now that I’ve finished, I can’t envision any other way for Penni and Jackal’s story to be told even if I did have the type of imaginative imagination and knew the inner workings of each of these characters as Jamie Begley does.

I had always admired Shade’s (Penni’s brother) strength of will and control. I also admired the lengths he would go for those he loved, but seriously he dropped the ball with Penni. He sheltered her so much that she turned into a brat of epic proportions. The fact that she talked to Jackal the way she did and didn’t think of how demeaning she was irked me something fierce, but let him have called her a bitch and she would go psycho. She also made stupid choices that not only put herself in danger but others as well. Heck she would even go so far as to even threatened everyone who didn’t want to put up with her mouth with the wrath of Shade. What pushed me past the point of caring what happened to her character was when Shade does finally save her from her troubles and she’s all bent out of shape because he didn’t rescue her as she wanted or how she assumed it would happen in her mind. Chick please!! I don’t know if this was Begley’s intentions or not, but in showing how Penni’s differences (mentally) were in any way similar to Shade’s f’d-up-ness to gain understanding for the way she acted, didn’t fly with me. I really didn’t like her character which made me more glad for all that was Jackal’s character.

Jackal, Jackal, Jackal. For some reason I wanted him to be as messed up as Shade so that Shade would have an equal among these alpha’s swimming around Treepoint and Queen City. While Jackal was able to hold his own with Shade the few times they clashed in Hostage, I think he held back for the sake of Penni.

From the beginning of Hostage I was rooting for Jackal to forget about Penni and find someone else, but the penmanship of Jamie Begley made me see that when Jackal finally pulled her head out of her butt no one other than Penni would do.

I wasn’t sure with Merry Blissmas, but I’m sure with Hostage; me and Jamie Begley’s writing are now in a love/hate relationship. Now I know when going in on one of Jamie Begley’s books that I might end up hating something about the story; whether it be a main character(s) or the entire storyline. Regardless though, I will always walk away from a Jamie Begley story satisfied and with a sense of contentment with the story given.

About Jamie Begley

“I was born in a small town in Kentucky. My family began poor, but worked their way to owning a restaurant. My mother was one of the best cooks I have ever known, and she instilled in all her children the value of hard work, and education.

Taking after my mother, I’ve always love to cook, and became pretty good if I do say so myself. I love to experiment and my unfortunate family has suffered through many. They now have learned to steer clear of those dishes. I absolutely love the holidays and my family puts up with my zany decorations.

For now, my days are spent writing, writing, and writing. I have two children who both graduated this year from college. My daughter does my book covers, and my son just tries not to blush when someone asks him about my books.

Currently I am writing five series of books- The Last Riders, The VIP Room, Predators MC, Biker Bitches, and The Dark Souls.

All my books are written for one purpose- the enjoyment others find in them, and the expectations of my fans that inspire me to give it my best.”

A Question of Will by Alex Albrinck

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

A Question of Will by Alex AlbrinckA Question of Will by Alex Albrinck
Series: The Aliomenti Saga #1
Published by Tantor Audio on May 10, 2016
Source: Publisher

Will Stark is a self-made multibillionaire, happily married and a proud father. He arrives home to find his house destroyed and his family murdered, and is himself rescued from certain death by a mysterious trio. His rescuers are part of a splinter faction of a centuries-old secret society that has developed incredible technological advances and unlocked the method to release humanity's innate potential. Will was mistakenly believed to be a key dissident and fugitive, on the run from the primary group, known as the Aliomenti. Society believes him dead, and Will elects to work from the shadows to learn the secrets of the Aliomenti, secrets that can help him seek his own form of vengeance. Or, perhaps, become the man they'd sought all along.

A Question of Will was unlike any story I’ve read before. The character’s personalities, the suspense, all of the elements that made up this story was very creatively done! The only huge downside to this story was the immense amount of world building, which I’m starting to learn comes with the territory for the first books in any science fiction or fantasy series. It wasn’t until I was half-way through A Question of Will that I began to have an inkling of what was going on, or why certain things were even happening.

Ha, I just figured out how the title relates to the story; the main character’s name is Will Stark and the entire story is about finding answers to the mystery that is Will Stark.

In reading the synopsis for A Question of Will I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it’s story was going to be about, but I will tell you now; the synopsis you’ll about about for A Question of Will barely scratches the surface of what this story is actually about.

While listening  (BTW the narrator Todd McLaren did a great job with all the voices and with the pacing of A Question of Will; he also helped me picture in my mind the world Alex Albrinck was trying to create) I at first became overwhelmed by all that was going on, but once the two factions fighting for control were revealed and their intentions were made known, I felt that I had more solid ground to stand on.

Will’s character at times really irked me, mostly because of his gullibility to accept everything the Alliance told him. While the Aliomenti showed themselves to be a group of poopheads of epic proportions they were still open about who they were, but the Alliance on the other hand kept too many secrets for my liking and Will was too ready to trust them. Yeah, I understood that the Alliance was the lesser of the two evils since Will believed that the Aliomenti killed his family, but he should’ve still been cautious of both power groups. Even at the end of A Question of Will things are still unknown as to why he’s so important that these two groups were going so hard to get him to their side.

Seeing as I was just recently introduced to the science fiction genre, the time travel and meta-human element didn’t wow me a whole lot, although I thought it was all pretty cool. Regardless though, for the story I got of A Question of Will, I was pleased and am actually looking forward to the next installment.

Official Girl 2 by Charmanie Saquea

Official Girl 2 by Charmanie SaqueaOfficial Girl 2 by Charmanie Saquea
on November 5, 2013
Source: Purchased

Neicey and Mykell are back but unfortunately, they are not together this time. Tired of Mykell not being able to stay committed to her, Neicey moves on with Kamil. Everything seems to be going good in her world except for the fact that Mykell refuses to let Neicey go and will do whatever it takes to get his girl back. While Mykell is trying to get Neicey back, someone is also trying to get him back. Meanwhile, someone that Neicey loves is not who they portray themselves to be and has secrets that could shatter her world! The love, suspense, and drama unravel in the mind-blowing sequel to the best-selling Official Girl.

I don’t know what it is about the drama in Official Girl 2 that had me glued to my kindle, but it had me hooked and as we speak I am beating back the urges to get Official Girl 3 cause a chick got things to do!

On the coattails of Official Girl, Official Girl 2 picked up right where it ended, which I’m glad for because I needed to know what happened. I was also hoping that the situation Niecey walked in on that she would be finished with the craziness that Mykell invites about as much as he breaths, but as Official Girl 2 continued and concluded she stayed away, and appeared to be finished with him for a while, but eventually she let him back in.

For about half of Official Girl 2 I was rooting for Kamill and Niecey’s relationship because she needed a sense of normalcy after all the craziness and heartache Mykell put her through. It saddened me, but didn’t completely turn me off, when Kaill was found to have been keeping secrets. I don’t know if it’s because I have a small place in my heart for villains or what, but I still see Kamill as a candidate for Niecey’s heart because even with the betrayal – that he never acted out – he still treated her better than Mykell. There’s a third player that’s a possibility for Niecey’s affections, but honestly anyone is better than Mykell in my opinion.

To be honest, I liked Official Girl better than Official Girl 2, but I was glued more to the pages of Official Girl 2 because of how it progressed the series in a serious way.

About Charmanie Saquea

Charmanie Saquea is currently enrolled in college, majoring in Criminal Justie. Her debut novel is titled Official Girl and she is currently signed to Royalty Publishing House.