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Released by Jordan MarieReleased by Jordan Marie
on May 9, 2016
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Their Love nearly destroyed both of them. Can they find their way back to each other?

Can you love and hate the same person? I fell in love too fast, too young. I made decisions I thought would protect the ones I love. Now I’m hated for them. Skull is the love of my life. But our life was wrapped up in lies. We were captured by them, and left with nothing when they exploded. How much can a heart take before it breaks, and just doesn’t care anymore?

Everything Beth and I had was a lie. I claimed her, but she left me broken. Letting her back in would be a mistake. Fool me once… but never again. Never. I won’t allow myself to be weak again. A man can only take so much. I’m done...or maybe not...

Released was so much better than Captured and Burned, it wasn’t great, but it worked in the sense that all the confusion and irritation I had with the two previous books were resolved and cleared up, with a HEA given to two of the main characters. I think Released worked better for me for a lot of reason, but I think it was mainly because Beth and Skull, two of the main character, talked to each other, which was something they lacked in the previous books.

In the first two book in this series I couldn’t stomach the storyline of Beth and Skull because 95% of time their problems stemmed from misunderstandings, miscommunications, and their pride. You’re probably wondering that if I didn’t care too much for the first two books, why would I not only buy and read, but also review the third and last one, Released, as well? The only answer I can give is that I had hope that better things would be coming out of this series since I’m still riding on the high of Breaking Dragon and all that it gave me.

I was entertained by all that was the story of Released because of the long-awaited come to Jesus moments – yes, there were more than one – between Skull and Beth, but I wasn’t in strong like or even love with Released because or the portrayed badass vibe of all the good guys was hard to believe, and it seemed as if they were just winging it as they went along. The villains were perfect (never thought I would say that), but I felt that they were cheated in not having a worthy opponent in Skull, Beth and their allies – they were too weak and incompetent.

The bottom line for not only this book, but this series, is that I’m glad things got cleared up with all the characters, especially Beth and Skull, that’s always a plus. I have started to read a new series by this author as she writes under a different name, I hope I receive better results than I did with this series.

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