A Hustler’s Tears by Natasha Raynor

A Hustler’s Tears by Natasha RaynorA Hustler's Tears by Natasha Raynor
Series: A Hustler's Tears #1
Published by Leo Sullivan Presents on October 11, 2016
Pages: 220 pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Kindle Unlimited

Sexy Haitian and former hustler, Truth is officially out of the game and ready to live a legit life with Emilie Baptiste and their twin sons until a ghost from his past drops one heck of a bombshell on him. Emilie is devastated and is unable to hide it. Her devastation pushes Truth away because he feels that she should put her feelings aside and ride for him. The more Emilie acts out the more it pushes Truth away and the both of them begin to fear that the damage isn't able to be undone.

Samir Adams is happily married and faithful. His only flaw is running the streets, but he has no intention of stopping any time soon. Going for a short visit to North Carolina to visit his God brother, Jules Baptiste, changes Samir's life in more ways than one. On top of being shot, he discovers that his wife, Charity, isn't who he thinks she is, and it rips his heart from his chest. Samir vows to never love again, but once he meets a sexy pharmacist, he has to ask himself if that vow is actually a realistic one.

Crucial and his girl, Kennedi, are settled into their new home in Miami and waiting for the birth of their child. Life is great until a freak accident breaks both of their hearts and changes the course of their relationship. Crucial doesn't know how to handle his grief, and it's not the first time that he pushes Kennedi away, but it could be his last. Fed up with his treatment of her, Kennedi begins to question if they are meant to be.

Truth, Samir, and Crucial play no games in the streets, but their women are their weakness, and they all learn the hard way that hustlers feel pain too.

It been a while since I’ve read an Urban Fiction story and I’m glad, somewhat, that A Hustler’s Tears was the first I dived back into.

When A Hustler’s Tears first started I immediately became glad that its story wasn’t going to bog me down with multiple storylines right off the bat, leaving me to utilize my multitasking skill to keep up with who’s who and what drama encompassed their world. In fact Natasha Raynor did a good job of slowly easing her readers into who each character and/or couple’s storyline was so that confusion wouldn’t be the first thing we would be hit with.

The first couple we were introduced to were Truth and Emilie, then the next couple was given their in-depth introduction, and from there Raynor continued on with this trend throughout the beginning of A Hustler’s Tears until all four couples were revealed. In doing it this way Raynor was able to break down the intricacies that made up each couple so that as we read we would know their background and present situations that would then explain their battles as the story went on.

I will say that there were some couples I didn’t care for, but the characters that kept me the most entertained were Truth, Adrika, Jules, Lyric, Samir, and Diamond. With the other ones I’m not saying they weren’t entertaining or interesting just that their storylines were too out there for me to take seriously, especially when a few of their actions had major consequences.

I do want to continue on to see what happens to the characters I liked more but I’ll wait, the synopsis for part two doesn’t seem all that appealing right now especially after the way things ended in A Hustler’s Tears.

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