The Golden Bell by Autumn Dawn

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The Golden Bell by Autumn DawnThe Golden Bell by Autumn Dawn
Series: Darklands #4
Published by Self Published on September 6, 2006
Pages: 200 pages
Format: iBooks
Source: Purchased

You can bring them in from the wild, but you can’t always tame them….

Fallon is a man with a bloody past, and a rough and ready way with justice. Rain is a woman on the run, and now she’s under his command. She’s outsmarted men before, but is she woman enough to handle him?

Out of all the stories in Autumn Dawn’s Darkland series I most remember The Golden Bell.  It wasn’t really the romance but the mystery that captivated my attention with this story.

We had been reading about Fallon since book one, The Charmer, so it felt really good to be able to have his story laid out for us the way Dawn penned it. He wasn’t like Keilor, or Mathin in dominance and strength, but he was definitely an alpha. Fallon was more of a modern style warrior than one in the traditional sense, which is what we got with both Keilor and Mathin. Plus, it seemed from the little that we learned that he had another aspect of his duties to the Darklands that was always so hush hush, so it was great to read about the investigations happening on Earth to protect the Haunt that lived in the Darklands and on Earth.

Rain embodied everything that I love in a heroine of an action, mystery, and romance story. She might not have known her heritage but she knew what her mission was, what made her even better was she wasn’t so fixated on it that she couldn’t function and experience life because of it. She was so strong and competent that I gobbled up the banter between Fallon and her as if I was sitting at the dinner table eating my favorite foods.

The Golden Bell really took care of the prejudice that was left over within the Haunt from the first story of Dawn’s Darkland series, The Charmer. Because the heroines in The Charmer and Scent of Danger were humans and there was such hostilities between the humans that live in the swamps and the Haunt, many politicians and wealthy citizens of the Haunt would rather see them dead than allow them to reproduce and muddy up their bloodlines. What fanned the flames of this prejudice that made The Golden Bell somewhat of a conclusion to Dawn’s Darkland series was the fact that Rain was half Haunt and half Human who had mated with a Haunt of prestige and wealth, Fallon. It didn’t help that Rain invented a device that allowed for teleportation between places and possibly worlds.

I loved everything about The Golden Bell, but I’m also glad that I stopped here with the Darkland series.

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