Fate Book by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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Fate Book by Mimi Jean PamfiloffFate Book by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
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Format: Kindle
Series: Fate Book #1

After having read my first Mimi Jean Pamfiloff story, Tailored For Trouble, I’ll admit that I was excited to read Fate Book. Its synopsis alone hooked me in and made it hard to turn it down for something else, but in the actual reading of Fate Book I found that the synopsis was a little misleading in just what exactly its story contained.

What was said in the synopsis contributed to the first 5-10% of Fate Book and then that’s where things got wonky. Having never read a story like Fate Book I couldn’t tell you what it was like or what to say to prepare you for the complete foundational shift of its story. And to be honest I probably would’ve been able to tolerate the change if it wasn’t for the whiny attitude of the heroine, the confusion of events, and the poorly executed spy-like storyline.

The synopsis of Fate Book really made me think that I would be able to get a good old laugh out of its story only to find myself rolling my eyes and becoming irritated towards both Palo/Santiago and Dakota/Julie. I almost kind of wished that things had stayed at the high school and college level because then there would’ve at least been the support of other characters and their input into the story.

With all that being said about Fate Book and with the way I felt about Tailored For Trouble I can somewhat say that I have a well-rounded opinion or view of Pamfiloff’s writing and storytelling. I’m hoping, though since three times is the charm, that the next Pamfiloff story will let me know if I need to cut my loses or to dig in deeper and try one more story.

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  1. Bummer that this didn’t work. I hate when a book’s plot doesn’t really match the synopsis after the first little bit. I have one Pamfiloff book on my kindle, but I have yet to read it. Curious to see what 3rd book by her you will grab!

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