The Charmer by Autumn Dawn

The Charmer by Autumn DawnThe Charmer by Autumn Dawn
Series: Darklands #1
Published by Self Published on February 5, 2011
Pages: 265 pages
Format: iBooks
Source: Purchased

Jasmine didn't realize her friend Wiley was special until they were drawn into another world. Here Wiley is betrothed to the ruler of the Haunt, a wererace both dangerous and proud.

Keilor is the master of soldiers, a man few would cross, yet he'd never met a menace like the little brunette his princess calls friend. Will Jasmine find the portal home, or will she find a werewolf of her own?

It looks like I’m revisiting all of my favorites, and The Charmer by Autumn Dawn has definitely made that list.

Before I even knew what goodreads or paranormal romance was I was hooked into this series by Autumn Dawn. All it took was for me to read The Charmer and I knew that I would binge this entire series, or what I could get my hands on at the time.

I don’t know if it was the unique world that Dawn created that hooked me in or maybe it was the uniqueness of her characters, but I’ve re-read The Charmer more times than I can remember. The relationship and battle of wills between Kelior and Jasmine should go down in history as the best I’ve ever read lol. Unlike the other women Kelior had encountered Jasmine didn’t fall at his feet in admiration or lust, which played a huge factor in feeding into his attraction to her.

The basis of this story is sort of hard to explain, but I’m going to try my best. Within this world that Dawn created there’s a pheromone that only females, and males too which we learn about in a later book in this series, are able to carry and pass down. Unbeknownst to Jasmine and her friend Wiley, who’s engaged to the present ruler of this alternate world, she is one which causes unforeseen issues in the Dark Lands. Furthermore, the Haunt aren’t the only beings on the Dark Lands (there are humans with symbionts and swamp creatures), but there is a faction of the Haunt that would’ve killed Jasmine at first sight and there’s another faction that want to use her as a guinea pig for nefarious means.

I hope that explanation provided the bare bones of this complex and exciting world Dawn created, but yeah with all of that and the romance between Kelior and Jasmine The Charmer became more exciting and more drama filled.

I loved this story so much and the ones that came after it. I am skeptical to collect the rest of this series other than the other two I have acquired because it seem, from the reviews I’ve read, that the series shifted and took different turns. Maybe I wont’ mess up a good thing and stick with what I’m comfortable with this time around.