Ascent of the Aliomenti by Alex Albrinck

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Ascent of the Aliomenti by Alex AlbrinckAscent of the Aliomenti by Alex Albrinck
Series: The Aliomenti Saga #3
Published by Tantor Audio on June 21, 2016
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher

The Aliomenti village is in ruins, destroyed by one of their own, its population nearly eliminated in the calamity. From the ruins, the Aliomenti rise to international prominence, influencing buyers and sellers, warriors and bureaucrats, as they patiently and invisibly expand their empire. Will Stark serves as the driving force behind that expansion. Whether he's creating their innovations or offering subtle hints, few of their revolutionary progressions are made without his influence. But Will is dealing with his own private heartache. Even as he watches his fellow Aliomenti ascend to heights few of them imagined possible, his long journey becomes one he'll make alone. He's haunted by the knowledge that what enables him to make that journey will also prevent him from seeing his most important mission to its completion. Will must persevere, fighting through his own gloom, an organization that threatens to tear itself apart, and a reunion with old friends at an inopportune time. He'll come to realize that his own decisions, his own inability to understand even those he knows not to trust, have enabled a tyrant to seize control of the Aliomenti in the aftermath of a crisis.

While I’ve really enjoyed the storytelling and action of the previous stories in the Aliomenti Saga, Ascent of the Aliomenti has shown me that those same story elements can only go on for so long.

As always Todd McLaren does a good job of reading/narrating the Ascent of the Aliomenti, but it again drove home the sameness that has carried on from the previous stories in this series. Now while the circumstances are certainly different in the Ascent of the Aliomenti the character of Will hasn’t changed at all, I expected some changes to be interwoven into who he currently stood within this story. I did like Will’s character in A Question of Will and Preserving Hope, but even after being reunited with his wife (McLaren’s narration of Will’s wife voice was hard to take so it made hard to even enjoy whenever her character would step onto the scene) Will remained distant. He showed emotion but it didn’t make an impact in coming off as passionate as I wanted it to be.

I have one more book left in this series to listen to and I’m hoping that things either pick up more, and that I’m given better answers to some of the questions I have. If not I can always know that the Aliomenti Saga was one of the stories that intrigued me enough that I started looking at the science fiction genre a little harder.