His Alone by Alexa Riley

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His Alone by Alexa RileyHis Alone by Alexa Riley
Source: Purchased
Format: Kindle
Series: For Her #2

Oh Captain, my Captain. What did I do to deserve you?! His Alone was the perfect mix of suspense and steam, but it also held something I can’t adequately name.

Even from the glimpses we got of Paige and Ryan’s relationship in Everything For Her it couldn’t have prepared me for the rocky and unconventional relationship they would have in His Alone. Captain seriously wasn’t playing around and Paige didn’t have a chance in the world of resisting his charms.

His Alone was also predictable in a good portion of its plot. Now while I’m usually okay with predictability this element kept interrupting the flow of the story for me. Unlike Everything For Her, His Alone didn’t do as good a job of hiding it what was coming around every corner, but in the end everything worked out in spectacular fashion.

It sucks though that I didn’t love His Alone as much as Everything For Her since I have been anticipating Ryan and Paige’s story, but I’m not too broken up about it because they got their HEA in, again, spectacular fashion.

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