Month: July 2017

Veiled by Karina Halle

Posted July 19, 2017 by Leona Woolfolk in Books / 2 Comments

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Veiled by Karina HalleVeiled by Karina Halle
Narrator: Sands Xe
Source: Publisher
Format: Audiobook
Reading Challenges: 2017 Audiobook Challenge, Blogger Shame Review Challenge

Veiled in audiobook format has reinstated the truth that not every narrator can narrate any book. Or maybe the message for me is that ‘not every books can be listened to in audiobook format.’ I think because of the hard time I had in listening to Veiled I will try to re-read this for myself and see if I’m able to connect with the story, and being the type of person I am I think I’m also going to try another Jo Raylan narration for second chance sake.

I don’t know the mechanics behind the production of Veiled, or whether Karina Halle had any say so or what, but Raylan somewhat ruined this story for me. The breathy way she acted out Ada’s character made it hard to want to continue on with Veiled. I couldn’t help but reflexively shout in my head, “No, that’s not how she’s supposed to sound!”

Karina Halle’s writing really saved Veiled, I would’ve hated to have miss out on its story with all the paranormal elements, and its smooth flow because I have a feeling that this will be a story I’ll have a hard time putting down once I do get my hands on the actual book and read it for myself.

The romance interspersed within Veiled prompted me to practice my eye rolling skills. I usually love romance in a paranormal stories but with the tone set for Veiled I felt that the romance was unnecessary – again, I probably shouldn’t commit to these thoughts because I have a feeling they’ll probably change during the re-read. It’s not that I hate romance now or anything, it’s just I’m tired of it coming in and ruining a good thing lol.

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