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Claimed Princess by Alexa Riley

Posted March 31, 2017 by Leona Woolfolk in Books / 4 Comments

Claimed Princess by Alexa RileyClaimed Princess by Alexa Riley
Published by Self Published on March 6, 2017
Genres: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchased
Format: Kindle
Pages: 77 pages
Series: The Princess #3

Heavenly and Carlos have been best friends their whole lives. But it’s almost time for Heavenly’s birthday, which means she’ll be married off to a king.

Carlos has been King for a few years now and is being pressured to choose a bride. But he’s only ever had eyes for one princess, and he’s had to wait for her to turn twenty-one.

Heavenly doesn’t have any idea the plans Carlos has made for her, so when she offers to marry his brother, things don’t go so well. Girl, they don’t go well at all… Carlos isn’t having that. She gets a dose of alpha when Carlos lays down the law. But when she runs…how far will she actually get?

Warning: Do you really wonder if there’s a happily ever after? Because you know that’s kind of our thing, right? Look, he chases her, but it all works out. Also it’s really hot. Get it!

On the heels of finishing Stolen Princess I was really looking forward to Carlos and Heavenly’s story. Claimed Princess gave so much life to the imaginings I had towards their story that I can’t really say anything against it.

With the few pieces of information we were able to glean about their relationship dynamic, somewhat from Stolen Princess and the earlier pages of Claimed Princess, I really thought that Carlos was going to fight his attraction to Heavenly harder than what he did. All it took was for her to say was “I’ll marry your brother so that I could still be part of the family” in more or less words and Carlos was through holding out, he seriously wasn’t having any other man claim what he considered his.

Carlos and Heavenly’s relationship was more real than the past stories in this series. They had history and while their love definitely qualifies as instant it’s seasoned at the same time.