Month: September 2016

Favorite Cover Friday (9) ~ Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter

Posted September 30, 2016 by Leona Woolfolk in Books / 3 Comments

FEATURED: Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter

“Favorite Cover Fridays” is a weekly meme by Leona @ Literary Treasure Chest. It’s all about book covers; how they look and how we feel about them. Being able to admire book covers both far and wide is one of the pleasures of being a bookaholic, so this post is 100% dedicated to gushing over the only one (or two if there happens to be a tie) cover during your week that has impacted you the most, that has induced you in cover lust. See the criteria and rules here.

curse of the landWhy the Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter Cover?

My gosh, this cover is gorgeous! I don’t know who the artist is but they are excellent at their craft. It’s like the artist captured the essence of what the story is about and BAM produced the cover. Everything, the font, the colors, the woman, her hair, and the elements around her and in the background complement each other so freaking well I would buy this book on the cover alone.

Just like the first book in this series, the cover of Curse on the Land has me super excited for what will transpire within its pages.

What Do You Think Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter Will Be About?

With all that transpired in Blood of the Earth, there are a heap of things that could take place in Curse on the Land. But, with the title and the key worry that Nell had in Blood of the Earth I think that Curse on the Land will be about the taint that was left in her woods as well as the blow back from the killings and corruption that was unveiled in Blood of the Earth.

My one hope, though, is that some of the characters that I found lacking will be better received in Curse on the Land. I also hope that the characters that I ended up liking in Blood of the Earth continue to remain as such and support Nell as they face their new challenge.

Would You Read, Buy, or Pass On Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter?

I crack my self up with this question every time I feature a cover of a book that I can’t wait to read.

Yes, I do plan on buying Curse on the Land, and the beautiful thing is that I’ve already received Curse on the Land as an eARC so I will be reading and reviewing very soon in the future since it’s release date is in November. I still have to get Blood of the Earth, as well as continue on in the Jane Yellowrock series, so I have some catching up to do where this author’s works are concerned.