Month: June 2016

Forbidden Hunger by Teresa Gabelman

Posted June 30, 2016 by Leona Woolfolk in Books / 8 Comments

Forbidden Hunger by Teresa GabelmanForbidden Hunger by Teresa Gabelman
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I have been chomping at the bit to talk about Forbidden Hunger!

It’s no secret that I haven’t been overly impressed with some, a lot, of the stories I’ve read lately, and while Forbidden Hunger wasn’t a 5 star read for me, it still knocked my freaking socks off.

I knew, I just knew, that as soon as it was revealed that Janna was traveling (by foot) with two little kids to the safety of the Lee County Wolf Pack that Forbidden Hunger was going to be that story that fulfilled the craving I had for an all around great book.

Even though I’m saying all these great things about Forbidden Hunger it wasn’t a perfect read, and the reason is solely due to its ending.

The ending of Forbidden Hunger was so predictable. I felt my excitement for the story wane as I continued to get closer and closer to the end because I knew that the ending was going to have a nice little bow placed on it and it was going to end as is.

One thing Forbidden Hunger did that I’m grateful for, was bring back into remembrance how great Teresa Gabelman’s writing is. I now know that I need to continue her Protectors series because I need to surround myself with great paranormal romance writers and their stories.

Other than the ending, Forbidden Hunger was a definite winner.