Month: April 2016

The Guardian by Margaret Mallory

Posted April 30, 2016 by Leona Woolfolk in Books / 2 Comments

The Guardian by Margaret MalloryThe Guardian by Margaret Mallory
Source: Library

After reading a review of The Guardian on one of the blogs I like to visit (Bookworm Brandee) I wanted to read it right then. I went to Overdrive to see if any of my libraries had it available and found a winner! Oh I was so excited to jump into The Guardian, until I wasn’t.

I love stories where the hero has done the heroine wrong and has to redeem himself, and I have to admit that this was the main reason why I wanted to read The Guardian (I was in the mood for an angsty read). Yeah, I got what I wanted but then the story took a few unappealing turns.

Sileas, at first made a cheerleader out of me, then she fell for Ian’s ice blue eyes and night black hair again and so quickly . Of course I knew that eventually they’ll work out their differences and get back together, but the execution of this, as well as the aftermath, left a bad taste in my mouth.

Not only did Sileas too quickly fall for Ian’s charms again she became a simpering woman. It was her strength and resolve that made her an easy favorite early on in The Guardian. *Sniff* I would like it to be known that I never liked Ian, I might have warmed up to him a little towards the end, but I really disliked him 95% of the time I was reading The Guardian.

So many of the issues in The Guardian stemmed from the actions, and most importantly, the inactions of almost all of the characters. Sileas and Niall were probably the most blameless, but everyone else just had a field day in ruining the possible peace of others lives.

If I haven’t made it known, The Guardian really disappointed me, as bad as I hate to say it. Again, I’m glad the library had it since I would’ve hated to have paid for this.