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Walking Back To Georgia by Sasha Marshall

Posted June 26, 2015 by Leona Woolfolk in Books / 1 Comment

Walking Back To Georgia by Sasha MarshallWalking Back to Georgia by Sasha Marshall
Source: Purchased
Format: Kindle
Series: Guitar Face #3

If y’all follow my reviews then you’ll know how I feel about this author’s work. Each reaction for each book is pretty much the same…mind absolutely blown, Walking Back to Georgia falling into the same category. The shock mostly comes from the fact that books that feature rockstars are not really my forte but I find myself never saying no to Sasha Marshall’s books. I would love her forever if she takes a chance on some Paranormal Romance books (crossing my fingers in hope that she will know that read this and grant my wish).

While I was both scared and exhilarated to read Walking Back To Georgia, I was also stumped as to the possible avenues that this book could progress this series. If you’ve read about Henley since book 1, Guitar Face, then you know all the highs and lows that she’s faced and endured to get to where we find her in book three. My goodness was this book was a test in how much surprises and shocks to the system I could take!

I implicitly trust this author to tell me a story that will stick with me for days, possibly weeks. Again, if you follow my reviews you know of my loathing of cliff-hangers, but I want to tell you that this author here, is the exception to that rule. Book one, two, and three end in a cliff-hanger, but never once have I regretted, or felt cheated out of reading these book, if anything each cliff-hanger has almost made me insane with want for the next book. Like questioning my sanity type of insane…luckily I can speedily talk to the author and voice my complaints and emotions lol.

Walking Back to Georgia was everything I could’ve ever hoped for in a continuation to this series. Everything in this story has been spot on. We finally see a HEA for our heroine Henley, we get to see Kip’s antics taken to a whole other level. He is so sexy!!!!!

This was one of those boos that leaves you with no words left to say because it’s just that good. Gah! These books are gold!!!!!! Book 4 needs to get here ASAP!

About Sasha Marshall

Sasha is an indie author who loves to write romance novels with an edge. She appreciates bad boys with tattoos and lickable bodies. I mean, what woman doesn’t? She has a degree in history and thought about joining the U.S. Marshal Service when she graduated, but she chose to work with troubled youth instead. Shooting people wasn’t really appealing, there’s a lot of paperwork to fill out. She loves animals and secretly prefers them to most humans… or not so secretly because it’s on the website now so it’s out there. She traveled with well-known rock acts as a photographer during her undergraduate work and wants to clarify that she was not a groupie. Groupies wait in the wings hoping to get a night with one of the guys, she was a rock princess. She traveled right along with the guys hopping from tour bus, to plane, to hotel, to venue.